Annual Meeting & Dinner

On Wednesday, May 3, 2017, the Diocese of Easton will host our Annual Meeting and Dinner at Annie’s Restaurant, 500 Kent Narrows Way N., Grasonville, Maryland. We will give thanks for the ministry of our chaplain, the Reverend Allen Spicer, who will be retiring. Registration for the dinner is now closed as we reached capacity seating at 135. If you need to cancel your reservation, please call or email the office.

Read the proposed revisions to our bylaws here.

To pay your Annual Dues online, please click the link below.


What’s in a Name?

The name is long (The Corporation for the Relief of Widows and Children of the Clergy of the Protestant Episcopal Church in Maryland) but the benefits are outstanding.

Clergy canonically resident in the dioceses of Easton, Maryland, and Washington are eligible for membership in The Corporation. For $50 a year ($750 over a term of 15 years) clergy may be assured their spouses, partners, and dependent children will be eligible for a $10,000 death benefit, a $1,500 yearly annuity, and additional financial assistance calculated to keep survivors at a decent standard of living and able to meet emergency costs. The Corporation’s investments currently total about $21 million dollars. Members are vested after five years; benefits are available immediately upon acceptance of the membership application and fee. After five years, if a member moves canonical residence, the member may continue to pay the annual fee for the total of 15 years; also, a member may choose to pay in full after the first five years.