Position Opening

ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT                                 Position available October 1, 2018

Founded in 1784, The Corporation serves the beneficiaries of its clergy members from the dioceses of Washington, Maryland and Easton. The Corporation is comprised of a volunteer Board of Managers voted to their positions by their respective dioceses and a part-time staff: The Chaplain, Executive Secretary, Administrative Assistant and Financial Secretary.

This is an hourly position requiring some flexibility and:

  • A compassionate spirit due to the nature of our mission.
  • The ability to maintain confidentiality.
  • Excellent listening, verbal, computer and writing skills.
  • Comfort in working with a large variety of people.

Specific Operational Duties Include:

  1. Communications
  • Take calls, review mail, phone and email messages and notify staff as necessary.
  • Send out meeting notices to board and committees.
  • Notify Board Members when a vote is required and track responses.
  1. Database Management
  • Create and maintain member and beneficiary profiles.
  1. Finance and Mailings
  • Forward bills and statements to financial secretary and track appropriate approvals.
  • Print, mail, deposit checks as necessary to vendors.
  • Communicate with Auditors and helps prepare IRS documentation.
  1. Operational Tasks
  • Prepare for audit.
  • Compile materials for Board and Annual Meetings.
  • Help coordinate and attend Annual Meeting offsite in May.

Hourly wage commensurate with experience. Between 10 & 15 hours a week. Remote access required. Minimum of eight hours per week in the office. Hours will vary by week and month. Significant responsibilities occur in January, February, March and April.

Please send cover letter and resume by September 10, 2018 to: The Reverend Joanna White, Executive Secretary Deadline for Applications September 10 to jwhite@episcopalmaryland.org.