Look at the Benefits

Serving clergy and clergy survivors since 1784, The Corporation has assets in excess of $16 million to provide:

  • Gratuities are need-based and granted twice annually for living expenses and emergencies.  These tax-free gratuities are determined by the Board of Managers.  Recently, 24 survivors received $147,000 in gratuities for education of children, maintenance of a decent living standard, nursing home care, medical expenses not covered by insurance, mortgage or rent payments and other emergencies.
  •  Annuity to beneficiaries.  The Annual annuity check has recently been increased to $1,500 a year, for payment to each beneficiary, regardless of need.
  •  A $10,000 death benefit to assist with final expenses (increased from the original $1,000).
  •  Free dinner for the member at the annual spring membership meeting.  The dinner alone is worth more than the yearly dues and the gathering is a great evening out for all.  Dinner guests are included at a very reasonable cost.
  •  Now you know the secret and why joining The Corporation is one of the best things you can do for those you love.