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The Membership Application


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I am canonically Resident in the Diocese of___________



My $50 check for initial dues, made payable to The Corporation, is enclosed. 

Mail to:

The Corporation

4 E. University Parkway

Baltimore, MD  21218-2437

410-467-1399 X 1362 or 1-800-443-1399 X 1362   

The fine print

Vested membership is gained after five years of continued canonical residence in any of the three dioceses, and may be continued if one moves to another diocese.  Members who establish canonical residence in another diocese before five years do not continue as members.

Beneficiary.  If your beneficiary is not a spouse, you will be contacted about obtaining Board of Managers’ approval.  The Board meets several times a year.

Governance.  The Corporation is governed by a nine member Board of Managers (three clergy from each member diocese) elected at the Annual spring dinner Meeting. Paid staff includes an Executive Secretary, Treasurer-Secretary, Administrative Assistant, and Chaplain, who maintains regular pastoral contact with beneficiaries.